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Price: €275.00
Code: 669393825777

  • Material - synthetic leather
  • Adjustable weight 
  •  designed to offer different fitness and training options 
  • High quality und robust design guarantees long live
  • Perfect for Outdoor and Indoor Training
  • Develops dynamic power, strength and muscle endurance
  • Suitable for whole body training as well as for single exercises
  • Delivered with instruction and training-DVD 

  • Bulgarian Bag Suples Strong size:

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New design

Based on our customers’ needs we have built a new Bulgarian Bag model, called Suples Fit. The idea of Suples Fit is to bring something new to our fitness enthusiasts who care about color, convenience on the grip, and are always excited to try some new training ideas.

The idea of adding a pair of elastic bands to each Suples Fit Bag is to add more fun in your Bulgarian Bag workouts.

This new bag model is also designed to benefit both levels of athletes, the fitness enthusiasts and the advanced Bulgarian Bag enthusiasts.

Train Hard, Have Fun and Be Suples Fit!

* 1 Year Warranty for all synthetic leather products

The Bulgarian Bag® comes with an instructional DVD to get you started and carry bag. Each DVD has demonstrations of proper use and demos of intense training right from the creator, Ivan Ivanov.


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