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We pay special attention to our little riders - our bike collection for kids includes a wide range of models. Beautifully coloured light alloy frames , high quality materials and precision in manufacturing complete all kid bikes in the same way as their parents. Only in this way we could be sure we achieved safety, reliability and risk free use with every ride. With this bicycles your kid dream will come trough. Our special Kid Fit system has turend our chilrdren's bikes into a houshold name. Kid Fit means: Adjustable handlebar, easy to fit to kid's height and arm lenght.Attractive foam pad for additional protection. Smaller kid-sized grips for better ride control. Grips have a ball shaped end to stop small hands slipping and to provide extra protection from falls. Brake lever adjuster to adapt to the growing child. Two positions on the crank arm allow pedals to be adjusted as the child grows. Plastic chain and cranc guard for additional protection.

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