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ZEFAL Z RACE S frame bag

Price: €32.95
Code: 7051A

  • The Z Race S is a frame bag made for triathletes and road racers who want to carry their nutrition.
  • The Z Race S is a frame bag which fits to the top tube, either using self gripping straps or screws.
  • The transparent window and magnetic opening ensures quick and easy access to the contents of the bag for the riders (bars, gels,...).
  • Two removable internal compartments mean a better organisation of energy bars needed by cyclists during a race

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Material: TPU 420D + Grip
Dimensions: 160 x 45 x 70 mm / 6.3 x 1.7 x 2.7"
Weight: 90 g
Mounting: Universal with self gripping straps or with screws
Capacity: 0,3L / 18,3 c.i
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